Videos of the day

Video of the day
29 September 2020
Videographer Vinna Bodas from Madrid, Spain - Boda de ensueño en Mallorca [Trailer de boda de Fatima y Miguel], wedding
Video of the day
28 September 2020
Videographer Wedding from Budapest, Hungary - Sz&R WDay, drone-video, wedding
Video of the day
27 September 2020
Videographer Ivan Marangio Films from Naples, Italy - \\ REVELATIONS \\, engagement, event, musical video, showreel, wedding
Video of the day
26 September 2020
Videographer Ivo Vartanian from Burgas, Bulgaria - ballerina wedding, wedding
Video of the day
25 September 2020
Videographer s89 studio from Gdynia, Poland - A+P, wedding
Video of the day
24 September 2020
Videographer Dima Raduga from Moscow, Russia - “Boundless”, event, reporting, wedding
Video of the day
23 September 2020
Videographer Igor Catrinescu from Chisinau, Moldova - ID-Brothers, SDE, drone-video, wedding
Video of the day
22 September 2020
Videographer Андрей Калитухо from Minsk, Belarus - Oksana & Evgeny | Love Story | Lincoln Mark V | Minsk, musical video, wedding
Video of the day
21 September 2020
Videographer Film Art Team from Porto, Portugal - The Story of Joana & Roni, SDE, wedding
Video of the day
20 September 2020
Videographer Bogdan Damian from Bacau, Romania - GEORGIANA + BOGDAN - YOU, drone-video, event, wedding
Video of the day
19 September 2020
Videographer Igor Koba from Poltava, Ukraine - #Moto_LOVE, drone-video, engagement
Video of the day
18 September 2020
Videographer Marius Stancu from Wexford, Ireland - Paula + Colin // The dream day!, wedding
Video of the day
17 September 2020
Videographer Dani Ponce from Buenos Aires, Argentina - Carla & Feli, anniversary, engagement, wedding
Video of the day
16 September 2020
Videographer Simone Paruta from Palermo, Italy - Da Adesso..., engagement, event, reporting, showreel, wedding

Battles of the week

Sergey & Natasha | WEDDING
You remember
Женя и Маша | Wedding
Wedding day Veronika & Ivan
Coming soon Wedding Mila & Adolfo, Diciembre 2019, Finca Los Olivos, Madrid
Pre-wedding film
Gianlucca & Shauraa | Wedding in Alberobello
Svyatoslav & Polina. Teaser
Ich historia widziana naszymi oczami -  Emocjonalny Teledysk Ślubny K&SZ
Marina + Nick // Wedding Highlights
Number of winnings in the Battles of the week:
Videographer Carlos van Oostrum
Videographer Juergen Holcik
Videographer Oneshchak Production
Videographer Patrick M.
Videographer PK video Films
Videographer Logic FreeMind
Videographer Evgeny Hollywood
Videographer Eduard Carp
Videographer Medio Limon
Videographer GOODzyk production
Videographer Modestino  Iavarone
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes
Videographer Trocin Florin|Lulu Film
Videographer Al Agua Cinema
Videographer Golden Legend

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Kazakhstan, Aktobe
Videographer Федор Шафиков
Russia, Chelyabinsk
Videographer Vladislav Vasilchuk
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivs'k
Videographer Serg Korickiy
Ukraine, Lviv
Videographer Flavius Radu
Romania, Timisoara
Videographer RIFMA FILM
Ukraine, Chernivtsi